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Real Estate Tax
Real estate professionals turn to us when they need a Texas CPA Firm that specializes in the real estate industry.  To better meet the tax and accounting needs of multi-family, single family, and campground investors, we have developed individualized services to address your industry specific challenges, compliance needs and industry standard practices.  Our real estate tax and accounting services are designed to help resolve some of the issues you face during the acquisition, development, holding and selling phases by providing sophisticated income maximization and tax minimization strategies.

We strive to keep abreast of all the issues facing the multi-family, single family and campground investors.  Through our investment properties and various memberships, we are constantly meeting with other owners, operators and investors.  We discuss successful ventures, industry trends, operational processes and upcoming challenges.  This open flow of ideas is imperative to providing the highest level of services to our niche clients.

In working with owners, operators and investors, we seek to minimize your tax liabilities and protect your assets from creditors.  We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs:

    <>  Strategic Tax Planning

    <>  Tax Preparation (Corporate & Partnership)

    <>  Accounting & Bookkeeping

    <>  Net Operating Income (NOI) maximization

    <>  Cost Segregation

    <>  1031 "like kind" exchange  

    <>  Business formation & entity selection

    <>  Tax basis analysis

    <>  Tax deferral transactions

    <>  Passive activity deductions

    <>  Accounting software - QuickBooks

Contact Us for an Initial Consultation

Send an email to or call us at our office to discuss your business needs with an experienced CPA. 
Houston - (281) 797-7215     
Grapeland/Crockett - (936) 222-5924

We specialize in working with clients in the following practice areas:

    <>  Multi-Family investors & operators

    <>  Single Family investors & operators

    <>  Campground investors & operators

    <>  Real Estate developers

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